Every Friday

$10 Entry

Weekly BCC Battles Tournament:

• 3 Rounds, 45 minutes each, Best of three


Every Friday

$5 Entry

• 3 Rounds, 40 minutes each, Best of three

  • Needs at least 8 people to fire
  • $5 CASH ONLY entry fee
  • Cash put into prize pool and handed back out to top players
  • No pity packs


Every Saturday


Weekly Expanded Format Tournament:

• FREE Pack for all Participants

• Cut to Top 8 with Pack Prizes


Every Saturday


Magic Youth is a weekly DCI sanctioned Standard format Magic Tournament open for ages up to 16.

  • All participants will receive a pack for entering the tournament
  • Cut to top 4 or top 8 with pack prizes
  • Additional prize promo cards and raffles!!