Family Fun Friday with Buffalo’s Best Batman

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We have a new guest joining us this week, Buffalo’s Best Batman.   We will have all our normal family fun activities going on as well!!  Here is some information on Buffalo’s Best Batman:

In 2014, William Lorenz, Jr. won the title of Buffalo’s Best “Batman” in a city-wide contest. What happened next is a series of adventures that would feel right at home in the pages of a comic book!  Learn how Will used his lifelong passion for super heroes to inspire himself and others, culminating in bringing smiles to thousands of people young and old, and raising thousands of dollars for charity, all while wearing a cape and a mask.  Join Buffalo’s Best “Batman” as he fights to save the day at the first-ever Buffalo Bisons’ “Superhero Night” and journeys across the world to face “Superman” in Athens, Greece!  Meanwhile, follow Will as he deals with the surprising internal and external struggles of being a charity “cosplayer” and minor local celebrity, on top of the normal stress of work and life.  Chronicling his experiences up to the summer of 2018, The Ballad of Buffalo’s Best “Batman” is a love letter to super heroes, martial arts, and a compelling look at the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the unique and often ignored hobby of cosplay.

You can find his book here: