Book Signing with Local Author Michael Kugel

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Saturday June 25th from 1:30 to 4:30 pm we will have Local Author Michael Kugel here for a book signing! Mike will have copies of his book available to purchase as well as sign them for ya! All the artwork in the book was done by our own In-house artist Jeff Perdziak! This is Mike’s first book signing with his newly published book!
Here’s some info about the book.

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams is a collection of short stories and poetry. In them, in an amusing way, the author narrates about moral virtues, human vices, and the myriad of consequences that they may lead to.

An elephant and a mouse becoming best friends in their quest for stardom, an adopted whale embarking on an altruistic mission, or two deer on a hunting trip in the middle of a city – those are just some of the characters which spring to life on the pages of this book in the first part: Bedtime Stories. They are called “Bedtime Stories” because each of the 9 stories is told through the voice of the same narrator and has a moral lesson to contemplate as we fall asleep. The stories are not only thought-provoking, but they also stimulate the reader’s mind and imagination.

The second part, Sleep Tight, is a Love Section comprised of five stories. What would we be without love? The reader will be solving the mystery of an old man that keeps disappearing into the forest on the same day of every year; and will empathize with another man that has a secret in his basement which may or may not save his wife from a silent killer within. The reader will also be amazed at how a stem cell struggles to overcome the burdens of society when all he wants to do is just love someone.

The third part is Sweet Dreams – Mostly Rhyming Stories. There are eleven poems on various topics such as: love, pollution, suicide, loneliness, writer’s block, aging, and several others. They all tell a story of their own.

Many of the characters in this book are animals that mimic the best and the worst of human behavior. There are also extra-terrestrials, cells and organs, planets, mythological gods, and ordinary people themselves. They love, make mistakes, get hurt, embark on missions, manipulate, develop friendships, and sacrifice. Their adventures are entertaining and compelling at the same time.

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams will tug at your heart, some stories might bring out a tear, and some will definitely make you smile.