Jason Pominville Autograph Signing at Williamsville Store

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*Signing Tickets are also available for purchase at both Dave & Adam’s Retail Store Locations

**Signing time/date/location subject to change. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest signing information.

***Sorry, mail in items are not permitted for this event.


  • Gary Beaty says:

    Have an old Pommers jersey I wish to have signed.

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Great! Well, November 8th will be the time to get it done!

  • Brandon DuFrane says:

    Three things. Will you have Pominville Jersey’s there to buy? And will everyone with a ticket be served? Also, what I’m unsure if I will be able to go get it signed. (I’m not sure if my job will let me on that day) in which case I would have my brother do it. Would that be ok?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Brandon.

      1. Yes we will have Pominville jerseys for sale.

      2. As long as you have a ticket and are present while the signing is taking place you will be served.

      3. Your brother can go as the ticket is not unique to you/your name.

  • Melissa Zelazny says:

    Are tickets still available

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Yes they are!

  • jessica says:

    Bought my nephew tickets to both the Pominville and Eichel signing one ticket says 6pm start and another says 7pm start is there anyway that I can do both signing at the same time and do you provide 8×10 pictures or do i have to purchase them separately

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Jessica we will provide 8x10s if you don’t have any. You can get in line for both signings at 6pm that’s not a problem.

  • Ryan says:

    Got a couple of questions how much are 8x10s photos? And than are there photo ops?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hello Ryan we will provide an 8×10 photo for your $15.95 ticket or you may bring your own. You may take a lean-in photo with Jason.

  • Cheryl says:

    I have 2 jerseys I would like signed. Do I just get one ticket at $19.95 and Jason will sign both?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Cheryl each ticket is good for one item. So you would need to purchase two tickets if you were going to have two jerseys autographed.

  • William says:

    Are tickets still available

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Good morning William yes tickets are still available but they are moving fast I would not delay if you have not purchased already. Thanks for the interest and we hope to see you on Wednesday the 8th!

  • Mary says:

    Hi i have a question so the 15.o5 for a puck or photo does this need to be a picture we bring or is it included that we get the picture or puck with that price or do we have to get it in the store.

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Mary if you don’t have a puck or 8×10 we will provide one for you! See you Wednesday!

  • Tyler says:

    Are there tickets left still

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      I’m sorry Tyler but we officially sold out last Wednesday. Please check our site to stay up to date on all the latest signing announcements and links to tickets when they go live!

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