Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden Autograph Signing

  •  February 28, 2018
  •  6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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***Sorry, mail in items are not permitted for this event.


  • brian says:

    Can you get a baseball card signed? didnt see that as choice

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Yes Brian a card would be ok that would be under the 8×10 or baseball category.

  • Brad says:

    I already have a jersey signed by Dwight but I’d like to get some inscriptions added to it. Will he do that? Also, will I have to purchase an auto ticket AND the inscription tickets for every inscription I want or just the inscription ticket?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Brad you can purchase just inscription tickets but please know we will not be able to provide a COA for them. Thank you.

  • Brian says:

    Is there a limit on the number of inscriptions purchased/allowed per item?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hello Brian Mr. Gooden and his team have the right to refuse any inscriptions but I would imagine that a reasonable request of an inscription (not a paragraph in other words) would be honored without any problem. If you have the specific inscriptions in mind finalized please let us know and we can confirm with his team on if it’s doable as we get closer to the signing. Thank you.

    • Brian says:

      Autograph (helmet)
      “Dr. K”
      “1984 Rookie of the Year”
      “1985 Triple Crown”
      “1.53ERA, 24W, 268K”
      “1985 Cy Young”
      “1986 World Series Champ”
      “Mets HOF 2010”

      1 AUTOGRAPH & 7 INSCRIPTIONS…. any issues?

      • mm DACW Staff says:

        Hi Brian that is fine. We look forward to seeing you at the signing.

  • Bob Saccamano says:

    Would he inscribe “say no to drugs” on a baseball or you think no ?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Bob that is not an inscription he would do. Sorry about that but we hope to still see you at the signing.

  • Jordan says:

    Will you have photos of Mr. Gooden available for purchase the day of the event ?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Jordan,

      The 8×10 Photo ticket comes with a photo. We currently do not have additional photos available for sale.

  • Dennis Paul says:

    I ordered two inscription tickets, can I get on a Baseball …”Doc”…1986 W S Champs… and I also have a cap, which I’d like to have just “Doc” on it… is that okay?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Dennis,

      It looks like you will need one more inscription ticket. The inscriptions you want on the baseball would require 2 inscription tickets itself. Then you would need one for “Doc” on the cap.

      We hope this answers your question.

  • James Nicholas says:

    I’ve never been to one of these. Do I have to buy a ticket for these before or just show up and wait in line. Also do I have to bring a baseball or is the baseball and signature included for 15 dollars?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi James,

      A ticket is required which you can either pre-purchase or buy the day of the event when you come. Sorry, but we do not provide baseballs. If you do not have your own baseball we will provide an 8×10 photo for you to have signed.

      We hope this answers your question.

  • David says:

    I signed up for 2 tickets. I’m just curious, is there a letter of authenticity as well?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi David,
      Yes, we will be providing Dave & Adam’s hologram COA’s.

  • Connor says:

    Will you have baseballs to sell?

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Connor,

      We currently have a handful of baseballs available for sale.

  • Devon says:

    Unable to print out tickets cause my printer isn’t working. Can I buy them when I get up there today? Two baseballs 4 inscriptions. Thanks!

    • mm DACW Staff says:

      Hi Devon,

      Yes, you will still be able to purchase tickets at the store when you arrive.

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